Eighth Note Productions

Mixing and Mastering

Eighth Note Productions is a Recording, Mixing and Mastering suite. It is owned and run by Ernie Wells, a 2 time Grammy winner and engineer on numerous #1 singles on Billboards charts.


I am now doing my mixing and mastering in my new private studio. I will not have client access at the new location. 

I'm doing all tracking and mix prep sessions at Lucky Run Studio. It's a great setup with top notch gear. I have moved some of my key tracking components over so that I can keep my sound consistent with the old location and setup.

More to come................


Ernie Wells has been engineering audio for around 30 years. He grew up playing music in bands from Houston to Seattle to Los Angeles. Most of the bands played their own music which led to more and more recording sessions. Around this time he became an in demand guitarist doing more session work. This is when he got addicted to the recording process. He spent a lot of time looking over the shoulder of the engineers running the sessions and asking questions about the gear and how it all worked. It was only a matter of time until he started trying to perfect the craft of engineering and mixing. He is still in pursuit of that goal.

Over the past 20 years he has worked with some incredible artists ranging from Contemporary Gospel, Jazz, Rock to blues legends like the BB King band. Some of their work together has spent record breaking time at #1 on the bIllboard charts as well as earned him 2 Grammys and 9 nominations.

He started Eighth Note Productions in the mid 90s as a place to do small projects and demo production for album projects he was producing in some of Houston's larger studios. After a 26 year successful run at the physical location, he now calls Lucky Run Studio home for all tracking sessions. Mixing and Mastering will be done in his new private studio.


Member NARAS (P&E Wing), LARAS

2 Time Grammy winner, 9 Nominations

Multiple #1 singles on Billboard charts

Rates and Billing

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